Колеса из углеродного волокна глубиной 40 мм - отличный выбор, если вы живете где-то в ветреной местности или...
      Не хочешь ехать быстрее и сделать свой велосипед немного легче? Разве не все? Поэтому мы создали Aero 45,...
        На 2019 год у нас есть большой новый ассортимент колес для вас. Мы взяли наш новый обод из...
        DT AERO 55
          В нашем ассортименте колес Aero есть большой выбор глубины обода, на случай, если вы не смогли разобраться, или...
          DT Swiss is renown for making some of the best hubs in the cycle industry. Their name is almost synonymous with quality. DT Swiss hubs are precision quality hubs that are designed to bring you top end performance at a great price.

          Featuring DT Swiss’s Star Ratchet design these hubs will allow you to put the power down instantaneously. You will be able to rocket out of corners, sprint up hills, and holeshot at any race. Not only do you get high-quality performance you also get tool-free service. You’ll be spending less time in the garage searching for the right tool and more time getting the miles in on your bike.

          With precision sealed bearings you might not even need to think about servicing your hubs for a while. Buying well-designed products is the best way to maximize your riding time.

          You will be able to choose from DT Swiss hubs fitted to many of our carbon fiber rims. You can be sure we have the carbon rim design that suits your riding style and weather conditions. We even offer mix and match rims on certain wheelsets.

          So whether you are hitting the local time trial league, riding an Ironman, or slogging up L'Alpe d'Huez, we have the wheels that you need, and they are all backed with our two-year guarantee. We can also guarantee that any of our wheelsets will help you to a new personal best.

          Buy a set of our DT Swiss wheelsets and discover that not only can you train smart but you can also buy smart to help achieve your training goals.